Ebos Oase


Um die Laube herum ist in den letzten eineinhalb Jahren eine wunderschöne Oase enstanden. Irgendwann im Winter 2016/17  hat Ebo aus eigenem Entschluss angefangen, den Zaun am Moritzplatz mit einer Bricolage aus Resthölzern zu verschönern. Aus Steinen, die im Garten herumlagen, hat er dann nach und nach eine Trockenmauer gelegt. Die bestehende Hecke zur Straße hat er mit Kaffeesatz aus dem Gartencafé angereicht und einen aus Wildpflanzen angelegt, die er am Wegesrand gefunden hat. Vielen Dank Ebo für dieses lebendige Kunstwerk: Es geht nicht darum, woher man die Dinge nimmt, es geht darum, wohin man sie trägt“.  Hier was er selbst zu seiner Arbeit schreibt:


Utopia Elsewhere

Culturally cut off on an isolated island in Greece for years, I sometimes found piles of old magazines left behind by sun seeking tourists. I began to read them with scissors, cutting out images for years & a day. I started to put the world together like a puzzle with no end or frame. Not interested in what was going on in the world  & living in a place of about 15 broken down houses, my studio filled itself with shreds of what the world seemed to be. With no intension & no idea, the pieces became pictures that I glued together before the wind could mix them up again. It could be parts of my dreams, or parts of the world, or parts of films I never did, because I got stuck there living in the landscape of a movie I started there & never finished. I never did collages before, & after making & editing underground short films for years, the puzzle puzzled me. I did the same with stones I found in olive fields, or wood from abandoned  houses of the village, until the local people one day saw what I was doing. They accused me of black magic, called the police which arrived one morning. A squad of 14 men arrested me & put me to jail for 100 days, because of 3 month summer holidays.The court finally sentenced me for 18 month on probation, after which I packed & left  into the solitude of Manhattan, but you can’t have a hot lover, a hot apartment & a hot job in the same city.
In Berlin I worked digital, manufactured memories of my travel snapshots. Now for the first time I use wood as material to make a fence to keep the world out of the garden. It’s not were you take things from, it’s were you take them to.
And what you see depends on what you are looking for.

Artists without gallery living without the need of permission