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28. September 2017 / 19:00 - 20:30

A film by Andrea Mendoza

Print„It was never thought of as a road movie, but indeed, that’s what beauty is“

Andrea Mendozas film starts from a phrase that Roberto Rosellini and Ingrid Bergman used to share: „Something to be beautiful has to be simple, true and useful”. Dandelion explores the issue of beauty inviting us to enquire on our own
sense of beauty on a road trip throughout different folks and geographical moods.

Dandelion is a documentary film that explores the issue of beauty, as Italians understand it, and all that it embraces, wandering between the arts, the sense of loss, the good memories and all sorts of natural landscapes. Through various interviews and geographic moods, Dandelion invites us to, despite it all, walk through what is beautiful or at least ask ourselves about our own beauty.

Oftentimes, beauty is represented by a flower…, but, can a dandelion, the simplest and most common of flowers enact all qualities of, beauty?
Maybe it does because a Dandelion only exists if it travels, and when you travel you are on your own, you are yourself, you are you, and that’s beautiful.
Dandelion, a documentary exploring the issue of ¨beauty¨ and all that it embraces, truth, simplicity, hardship, pain, but also music, dance, nature, the human body, the voice and curiously… faith.


28. September 2017
19:00 - 20:30