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Growing Urban Africa – Agriculture in Southern African Cities

5. Juli 2018 / 19:30 - 22:00

– Discussion & Documentary –


19:30 – 21:00 Discussion

Togehter with researchers from Southern Africa we will discuss the potentials and pitfalls of urban agriculture in the region and how agriculture is reshaping the urban landscape and urban life in the region.We will focus on the daily struggle of urban farmers in South Africa, Mocambique and Zimbabwe and talk about the differences and similiartities, also from a global perspective between Africa, Europe and Latinamerica. What lessons can we learn from Cape Town, Harare and Maputo?



Prof. Daniel Tevera: (University of Western Cape) Research focus: Socio-spatial issues, including urban solid waste management, migration, urban poverty and livelihoods, urban agriculture and urban food security. He started more than two decades ago with his research on urban agriculture in Zimbabwe and is supervising research within UFISAMO on urban agriculture in Cape Town.

Dr. Abdulrazak Karriem: (University of Western Cape) Research focus: Urban and rural development, the role of social movements in promoting development from below (f.ex. Brazilian Landless Movement, Abahlali Base Mjondolo Shackdwellers Movement of South Africa), as well as urban sustainability, land reform and climate change. He is supervising research within UFISAMO on community gardens in Cape Town.

Moderation: Severin Halder (Humboldt University/Allmende-Kontor/kollektiv orangotango) Research focus: Urban Agriculture, critical cartography, action research and political ecology in Europe and Latinamerica. He did research within UFISAMO in Cape Town and Maputo.


21:15 – 22:00 Movie Screening

After the discussion we will celebrate the global north premiere of the documentary „Farming Maputo (Cultivando Maputo)“ (2018, 25 Minutes, Portugues with English Subtitles).The documentary gives insights into the impressive status quo of urban agriculture in the Capital of Mozambique with 15.000 farmers cultivating on large inner city green belt zones and 10.000 farmers organized in local cooperatives. Different actors involved in urban agriculture talk about the problems and potential solutions for the urban food system in Maputo. The documentary shows an urban agriculture reality that serves as inspiration for other cities on their path towards urban food sovereignty. Documentary by Severin Halder & Dariusch Tabib-Elahi. Watch the trailer


Supported by UFISAMO, kollektiv orangotango  and Inkota


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5. Juli 2018
19:30 - 22:00