The School of everything


In Athen haben wir als Nachbarschaftsakademie im Rahmen der Dokumenta 14 an dem zweitägigen Symposium „The School of everything“ teilgenommen. Organisiert wurde die Veranstaltung von AthenSYN und Joulia Strauss (Avtonomi Akadimia). Vorangegangen war ein Symposium in Kassel. Aus dem Programm:

A meeting of initiatives which aims to transform the European educational system. We are building an educational system that consists of politically motivated and artistic initiatives for sharing knowledge, and of proposals by thinkers who see education as decisive for social change. Texts, documentation, manifestos, and sketches of educational models are united in a symposium entitled “The School of Everything.” The symposium takes place in both Kassel and Athens. We shift from learning to sharing. We decriminalize sharing because we would like to enjoy the pleasure of giving. We liberate ourselves from the strictures of “homo sapiens,” a construct imposed upon life. We intend to transform the educational system of Europe.

Teilgenommen haben: Constantinos Amvrosiadis, Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Sebastian Bayse Schäfer, Nuno Cassola Marques, Marco Clausen, Katja Ehrhardt, Jan Gerber, Sanchayan Ghosh, Raúl Hott, Tania Hron, Sebastian Lütgert, Jenny Marketou, Ioulia Mermigka, Martina Schumacher, Joulia Strauss, Jonas Tinius, and Arnisa Zeqo