Tromsø: A City as a Garden


Anfang März haben wir in Tromsø in Nordnorwegen  an einen gemeinsamen Workshop mit der Klasse von Marjetica Potrc an der HFBK Hamburg und unseres europäischen Netzwerkprojekts UniGrowCityteilgenommen.

The Project „The City as a Garden“ is, fundamentally, a mapping process that will lead to a new understanding of the city. Over a period of four days, the participants will join Tromsø residents in an exploration of their city. We plan to work on eight tasks, each of which will generate a new map – and a new understanding of the living environment: gathering (in the “boat-house”), growing (at the HOLT greenhouse), harvesting (“dumpster diving”), preparing resources and materials (at Remiks), improvising (the construction of a houseboat with Kåre Grundvåg, and other workshops), exploring (spaces of living and coexistence), mapping (for example, available spaces with Rakel Fredrikson), and storytelling (sharing strategies at the Troms County House).