Urban Farming Enthusiasts from Hong Kong


Foto: Antonio Ramon Die Pietropaolo

DADA BABA, a band from Hong Kong, recently visited Berlin. The Band visited Prinzessinnengarten to find out more about how urban farming is practiced in Berlin. Despite the very low temperatures, the band members were very enthusiastic about the project itself, explaining how they would like to have urban spaces like Prinzessinnengarten in Hong Kong but that it was impossible due to the lack of space. As one member of the ban explained: „everything is packed together and we do not have many public spaces, so if people want to do farming they have to go outside the city to a more remote area. People are trying to do similar projects in Hong Kong, but not in the same scale as here in Berlin“. And so the tour ended with a thoughtful discussion on how precious community is. (Text: Stine Tholstrup Schmidt)