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MAZI: Lokale Digitale Netzwerke

The Conversation published an articel on the Mazi-Project in the Nachbarschaftsakademie: How to build a more organic internet (and stand up to corporations)












Bild: Andreas Unteidig

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The Mazi-Project

Within the European MAZI-network, we seek to support and amplify  alternatives to  corporate, top-down implemented and centralized internet architectures. We work on the development of counter-proposals, by connecting academia with urban activism in four different pilot studies across Europe.

In Berlin, the Design Research Lab of the University of the Arts is partnering with the asoziation common grounds and the Neighborhood Academy within Prinzessinnengärten. At Berlin‘s Moritzplatz, we are testing how affordable and open hardware together with open source knowledge can act as a toolkit, enabling local communities to create their very own “internet outside the internet”, and to employ network technology beyond the prescribed application of Facebook or Google.

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