Online: DIGNIDAD by Michelle Teran

Last year in Nachbarschaftsakademie we made a workshop with Michelle Teran on the topic of Reclaiming the City and showed her documentary DIGNIDAD/DIGNITY. You can watch the film about strategies of recuperation in times of crisis now online. Recuperation, in a literal sense, means the recovery or regaining of something. The film focuses on “La Dignidad,” a residential building in Mostoles, a suburb of Madrid. The building was constructed during the real-estate boom but never occupied after the property market collapsed following the Spanish financial crisis starting in 2008. Housing activists from Stop Desahucios (Stop Evictions) in Mostoles took over the building in June 2014, and christened it “La Dignidad.” The activists made the decision to take over the building when they realized that more and more people coming to the weekly housing assemblies were either already homeless or were about to be evicted the following week.  More information you’ll find on Michelle Teran’s website